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Case Recruiters Inc has a reputation for placing urologists in job opportunities that truly fit their needs – those that other firms cannot find. We are known for professionalism and creativity as well as tenacity. Working as a team, our team follow specific processes and protocols proven to ensure the success for our urologists looking for a career opportunity. These protocols mean that urologists can depend upon us to find top-notch jobs. 


For Urologists

Case Recruiters is a specialty recruitment firm dedicated solely to urology search. Our comprehensive (and ongoing) research in the field allows us to maintain a current database of every open urology position in the United States. 

Not only do we know where the jobs are, we can usually tell you:

  • The details of their compensation packages (including benefits);
  • The size of the group;
  • The formulas they use to determine earnings and signing bonuses;
  • Their student loan repayment offers;
  • The specialties within the groups;
  • Whether or not they have or soon will have a Da Vinci robot;
  • What their turnover is, and
  • Why they are seeking a new member.

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