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Case Recruiters Inc is a niche retained search firm, that specializes only in recruiting board certified and board eligible urologists for permanent positions. Founded in 1997, Case Recruiters Inc has grown into a nationally recognized leader in urology recruitment.

Case Recruiters is committed to customer service.

We are focused on making great matches between clients and urology candidates. We introduce people whose career priorities fit well with the goals of the clients. The results are highly qualified urologists who remain in their chosen community and develop deep roots there. 

Case Recruiters can also advise employers about what it will take to sign a urologist in their market. They work hand in hand with clients, from the development of a position profile to the final step of signing a relocation  agreement. This includes development of a marketing plan, creation of marketing materials, advertising, social media marketing, and weekly email blasts of all employers’ jobs.

When a client retains Case Recruiters for their urology search, they can be assured they are getting absolutely the best help that exists for their job. Only someone with the in-depth knowledge acquired by recruiting a single specialty can provide the committed expertise offered by Case Recruiters. References from private groups, healthcare systems and urologists can be provided upon request. The AUA and the ASPRR have glowing things to say about us. If you have a difficult search you absolutely need to fill, call us today!

Case Recruiters maintains an up-to-date database of urologists, with sub-databases of residents, fellows and academic urologists. We continually update this proprietary information.

We do more than just put your CV into a job search. We put you in the position to find a job that fits your specific needs.

Not only do we know where the jobs are, we can usually tell you:

  • The details of their compensation packages (including benefits);
  • The size of the group;
  • The formulas they use to determine earnings and signing bonuses;
  • Their student loan repayment offers;
  • The specialties within the groups;
  • Whether or not they have or soon will have a Da Vinci robot;
  • What their turnover is, and
  • Why they are seeking a new member.

We can perform specialized searches for urologists who want a specific geography or group structure or even for specific academic positions.

We don’t stop at job searches either. Case Recruiters can offer assistance with negotiating the best offers and helping you review contract offers. 

We focus on finding a job that fits.

We do more than just list open urology positions. We take the time to match you with a urology job that fits your specific needs. We do all the legwork so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision on job offers. 

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