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Recruiting only urologists since 2005 means we have deep, well-established CONTACTS throughout the urology world.

  • Twelve years of residents and fellows – and their program coordinators – know us.
  • Twelve years of practicing urologists know us. talk to job-seeking practicing urologists every single day.
  • Our entire team talks to urologists every single day
When you choose Case Recruiters for your difficult searches you get several advantages:
  • You get our deep channels of contacts and relationships forged over the past 15 years of recruiting only urologists. This means we can provide faster results and wider options
  • You get recruiters who know what urologists are talking about when they discuss urological procedures, urologic oncology cases, equipment and the skills they bring to your table
  • You get recruiters with comprehensive knowledge of urology compensation: geographic differences; competitive offers; what and why a specific offer will get a highly desirable candidate to accept your offer; which practices provide ancillary profits; how private equity tilts the table. They can help you craft an offer that will be accepted. They can help candidates understand the tax consequences of differing offers.
  • You get recruiters with extensive experience working with urologists and who understand what it takes to build a new group from the ground up, replace retiring urologists, and attract highly trained residents

We can identify potential urology candidates for you faster and more accurately than anyone else. We know which programs graduate urologists with incredible stones skills or strong robotic skills. We conduct scores of in-depth screening calls, so we know the preferences, skill levels, and status of actively job-seeking urologists – before you even call us. We can call urologists who meet your job requirements before we even place the first ad.

Not all firms close their urology searches. Large firms are happy to accept your retainer fees and then focus the rest of their energy closing the other searches you gave them, because that work is easier.

Because we are a niche firm, all our searches are urology searches. We spend 100% of our resources on our clients’ urology searches, and it pays off for everyone.

We’ve developed a time-tested protocol of start-to-finish consultation with our clients. And we hold each candidate’s hand just tightly enough to ensure it signs a contract before we let go. We are closing throughout the entire process, and it works.

We offer a unique service that no other recruiting firm provides: MULTIPLE pre-arranged interviews at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting. We source, we screen, we introduce chosen urology candidates to you at the conference. Case Recruiters facilitates 50 to 70 urology interviews for clients every single year at the AUA conference. 

This interview service is one of the most powerful, efficient tools humankind has ever known for successful urology recruitment, and only our clients get to use it. Ask us for more details.

Our CHANNELS and our extensive knowledge of urology issues, trends, and comp models means we can provide fast, accurate sourcing and skillful, attentive closing.We are the EXPERTS IN UROLOGY RECRUITING. No one else even comes close. (And we have a secret weapon.)

Give yourself an advantage over your competitors.

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