Why are so many urologists choosing locums tenens?

Flexibility! Lifestyle choices! Exploration! Good money!

Work when you want to, not when you don’t. Want to not work weekends? Then don’t! Want to work two weeks a month? Want to work for two months and take every third month off? Locums provides urologists with the kind of flexibility most people in healthcare only dream about. You choose the schedule - we will find the assignment that offers that flexibility.

Lifestyle choices. Locums give urologists the opportunity to live the lifestyle they want. Take an assignment in the mountains and ski all winter. Take an assignment around the lakes in Wisconsin and spend your time water skiing and fishing. Want to spend some time in the city but not pay the penalty of living there full time? Take an assignment in your favorite metro and take in the restaurants and museums. Want to work 3 weeks a month and spend time with your family? Done!

Make good money. You can work locum tenens in your spare time. Or you can do it on your vacation. Or you can do it while you are retired. Or you can do it instead of having a demanding full-time position. Here’s what some urologists are doing with the extra money from locums:

  • Paying down student loans
  • Building up their retirement accounts
  • Putting their children through college or grad school
  • Buying that second dream house

What would you do with the extra money you could make doing locum tenens? What kinds of options would it open up for you? That’s the thing about locums: it gives you so many options! Get in touch with a Case Recruiters advocate today to learn more about it. Click below to sign up today and start your adventure!