Well-equipped facility near the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, up to $600K your first year!  
Located in warm and sunny Southwest Louisiana, just north of the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, like a birdwatcher with new binoculars, there’s a hospital looking for a general urologist.

You’ll love this culturally vibrant city and this position for its two-year guaranteed salary, relocation allowance, and the opportunity for some paid call that is likely to put you over $600K in your first year. This compensation package will be uniquely customized for your needs, and can also offer student loan repayment. With a low cost of living, you’ll truly be living like a king.

You’ll be welcomed into a collegial practice to work with your partner urologist, several NPs, and two da Vinci Xis (with another on the way!) while cocooned in the support of a large, established referral network in a service area of 300,000 people.

In a large, active city with a small-town sense of community, families congregate at Bodine’s boiled crawfish for picnics and water sports on Lake Charles. Forward-thinking city officials have created a safe, scenic, and much-loved trail system for hiking, running, skating, and cycling.

Lake Charles, Louisiana is a blend of contrasts that magically works together in total harmony. A Cajun personality with a Texas flair. A love for big-city entertainment and a relished joy of nature. Bold and outspoken, yet equally laid-back and homey. Stylish and carefree — a little black dress paired with flip-flops. Lake Charles is the best of Louisiana infused into something irresistible.

Conveniently located about halfway between big-city Houston, TX and the Crescent City, New Orleans, LA, SWLA blends the best of worlds of close-knit community life and adventure.

Folks love the variety of good food and ethnic diversity of south Louisiana. Whether you’re looking for southern-style barbeque, Lebanese cuisine, traditional Mexican, Tex-Mex, or fresh seafood, you’ll find the food here to be both fresh and tasty. It’s not uncommon for a permanent resident to wonder how the snowbirds survive without this great variety during their trips back north. Variety also attracts a steady flow of international shoppers drawn by a large assortment of malls, plazas, boutiques, and national retailers.

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