Seven weeks of vacation! Earnings of $750K plus! This job in Burlington, Iowa, offers you a rare opportunity to earn one of the highest salaries we’ve seen and also have the time to enjoy it. Here the urologist who could be your future partner brings home this high salary while coaching his child’s baseball team when he isn’t hunting, fishing, or riding his 4WD on his 40 acres. Enjoy the security of a starting offer that won’t fall off after the guarantee period—these earnings are sustainable!

Skip the hassle of a big metro and all its accompanying traffic. Burlington is a peaceful retreat that is close enough to larger metros that you can easily access their amenities during your time off. Here you are just an hour from the University of Iowa and all its sports, concerts, and culture. A three-hour drive puts you in the middle of Chicago with glitzy Michigan Avenue shops and world-class museums.

In Burlington, you can live in a gated community in a gorgeous $700,000 house that would sell for $2 million in the city. You can take your boat out after work and catch a few big ones or enjoy water skiing with your kids after dinner. Or take in a round of golf with your buddies at the club—if you play through, of course. Many of the docs here own hobby farms and love the lifestyle they provide for their kids.

The practice itself is, of course, the star! This is a stable practice that opened 40 years ago. The hospital, built in 2000 with a new imaging center and urgent care, paid all its staff through the entire Covid pandemic. A brand new robot is in the budget, ready for purchase. Best of all, your new partner urologist is in his mid-forties and has been here since 2011. This offers you real collegiality and support. If you are looking for loan forgiveness, this not-for-profit has a strong program to support you.

The word support is the key to this entire career experience. Support from the hospital from top to bottom, support for a rich lifestyle, and support from your colleagues. In these days of mercurial hospital and urology instability, you owe it to yourself to explore a position that will fully enrich your life. Call Michael Case at 512-538-4351 and send your CV for consideration to To look at some of the other great urology jobs we represent, click on PS: This job is open to those needing visa assistance!

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