Here where beautiful skyline encases a downtown of stunning architecture with a bent toward art deco, you’ll know that you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re in Missouri. And if you expect anything less than fabulous, then you’re in for a surprise.

As fabulous as it is living in Kansas City the urology job there is just as fabulous! The need for urologists is deep and that means your practice will fill quickly – and with interesting patients. Because the existing group of urologists in the city lost two urologists due to retirement, they are no longer able to cover Prime Healthcare’s three hospitals. They are, however, happy to consult and to share call coverage with the new employed group Prime is creating. Those collegial relationships are going to make your work day so much more enjoyable.

Taking over a former practice also means that everything is in place to do the work you love: excellent equipment, trained office staff, experienced OR staff, wonderful office space close to the hospital… Prime is also working to make your career there the best by providing great compensation, prime responsibility for only one hospital of the three, access to a robot, one of the best benefit packages around! And if you are looking for a position with great balance between work and home life, this is a practice that defines it.

Beyond the beauty of Kansas City, it is also very affordable. One Kansas City resident, quoted in Bellhop, explains, “The most notable thing about KC is its relatively cheap cost of living. I’m a graduate student, and I can still afford a one-bedroom apartment in midtown. And speaking of midtown, because Kansas City isn’t too sprawling, I feel as though I’m five minutes from everything.”

Kansas City offers a great quality of life with residents boasting of the friendly welcome it provides to newcomers who are surprised by the size of its 2 million people and its diverse population. From high tech to a long history of Jazz to professional sports, to riverboat casinos, to Legoland and the famous Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City has something for everyone.

The long history of jazz continues to reverberate throughout the city’s 18th  & Vine Historic District and City Market, a collection of independent shops, boutiques, and world cuisine that has been evolving since 1857.

Sports fans—of which there are many—stay busy cheering the NFL Chiefs and the MLB Royals. Between games they may seek entertainment at one of several riverboat casinos. Kids will love Legoland and the Kansas City Zoo.

Kansas City has culture. Explore the remnants of a nineteenth-century shipwreck salvaged from the Missouri River at the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art houses a vast collection of art from around the world and across the centuries, with free admission. The Kansas City Symphony boasts national praise for its “uncompromising standard.”

Those who enjoy a quieter environment have easy retreat. Kansas City’s suburbs are known for their great schools and family-centered atmospheres, and small towns like Blue Springs are only a 20-minute drive from downtown.

Now is a great time to come to Kansas City. Call Michael Case today at 512-538-4351, and send your CV to