Welcome to that thrilling moment when you discover that everything you’ve ever wanted in life is waiting for you in one scenic locale! And no, it’s not Hollywood. In California’s San Joaquin Valley, happiness is a genuine lifestyle. 

Kaweah Health Hospital, the largest of 35 district hospitals in California, astonishes physicians who are not expecting to find such a beautiful hospital with state-of-the-art technology tucked comfortably away from the congestion of the larger cities where you would typically find this caliber of medical care. This 613-bed, trauma level III hospital boasts 14 ORs, with 2 dedicated to urology.

Just 10 minutes away, a collaborative multispecialty group seeks a general urologist to join three others serving the urologic needs of this community with virtually no competition for market share. The new urologist will have access to a da Vinci Xi and the help of a soon-to-be-hired nurse practitioner. The clinic’s lab and radiology provide quick turnarounds, and the light clinic call is typically handled over the phone. 

Hospital call bolsters the $450K+ base salary (this includes 5 days of call), bringing earning potential to over $600K. This position also offers

  • a $30K signing bonus
  • $100K loan repayment
  • a $10K relocation allowance

Flexible clinic and OR scheduling will add priceless value to your personal life. This job strikes a balance that allows you and your family to take in all that the San Joaquin Valley has to offer. Here you’ll have access to great schools and family-oriented activities, all for a lower cost of living than what you will find when you’re visiting Los Angeles or San Francisco, respectively 3 and 4 hours away. 

With a population of 135,000, the city is large enough to offer all the amenities of a large metro and still maintain a sense of community. Have the social life you’ve always dreamed of in this welcoming medical community that makes a conscious effort to include all of its members, not just as colleagues, but as a close-knit community of friends.

Reclaim the pleasure of an authentic lifestyle in California’s heartland.  The city is 30 minutes from the entrance to the majestic Sequoia National Park.  From here, you are connected to Yosemite and Kings Canyon by a circuit known as the Majestic Mountain Loop. Find out how much better our national parks look in person than on social media! Opportunities for hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding are abundant in the region, and those who love the outdoors will find themselves in good company.

The surrounding farmland—some of the richest in the country—provides fresh and flavorful produce that no newcomer will take for granted. The year-round farmers market is held weekly so that you can always have not just the freshest fruits and vegetables but also the finest cheeses and artisan breads in your home.

The city’s restaurants take full advantage of their proximity to top-quality ingredients. The tasty results are celebrated annually at the Taste of Downtown Festival, featuring food from over 30 local restaurants. No matter where you dine—from Vintage Press to Elderwood’s Rooftop Restaurant to Bistro di Bufala—you’ll find that restaurateurs take great pride in the culinary nuances gleaned from the flavors of local produce. 

Evening entertainment might include a visit to the Fox Theater, the performance venue of the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra. Or perhaps you will enjoy a beer tour of the microbrewery district. The climate is warm, so you won’t be stuck inside during long winter nights, though snow and some great ski resorts are just a short drive away. Looking for sand instead of snow? The beach is only two hours in the other direction. 

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