Welcome to Covington, the Hollywood of the South. Folks here take a deep pride in their town. But they don’t boast about it. There’s no need, as plenty of others are happy to do that for them. What the town does need now is a general urologist for Piedmont Healthcare’s Newton Hospital!

Come take over an established service line at a clinic that is conveniently located near the hospital campus. There’s seven days of ER call a month and if you need a robot, you can use theone at Piedmont’s Walton Hospital in nearby Monroe.

Piedmont offers a relocation allowance, signing bonus, and/or a forgivable loan to pay off your student loans or any other debt! We’re not kidding. This is free money to do with as you please.

If you watch TV, you are likely already familiar with the scenery of Covington. It has served as a popular filming location for decades. In the early ‘80s, TV sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane gave chase to Bo and Luke Duke here in The Dukes of Hazzard.More recently, Covington played the supernatural Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries. Memorabilia from all of the town’s past movies and TV series attracts a steady flow of tourists to Covington’s Pop-Up TV and Film Museum.

Vampire fans and foodies alike will be charmed by Mystic Grill, fashioned on the restaurant from The Vampire Diaries. The grill’s owners describe it as “southern food with an upscale and fun twist.”

The popular pizzeria Your Pie brings eternal life to the historic town square with frequent Pint Nights, Pi(e) Days, and Live Music Nights.

A dazzlingly modern menu belies the age of the town’s City Pharmacy, now renovated to reflect the tastes of the present while retaining the atmosphere that made it the town’s prominent social hub back in the days when the building’s current owner worked there as a soda jerk.

Live music fills the air from the Square Park, a gathering place serving as the heart of downtown. Those seeking a retreat into nature will find respite among the 6,400 wooded acres of the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield. Bring the family here for a weekend of fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and canoeing. 

Covington is a 35-minute drive from Atlanta and an hour from Athens, home of the University of Georgia.

The Hollywood of the South already has a lot to be proud of. Are you the perfect urologist to make this practice the pride of all of Covington? Call Marty today at 512-422-6766 or email your CV to marty@urologyrecruiting.com.