The Case Recruiters Team

Case Recruiters is a dedicated team of urology recruiters and researchers with years of experience who all work together to find our candidates the perfect match for exactly what they want in a position and a location. Each recruiter also works as the advocate for a small group of not more than six of our clients, so each client has the personal time and attention a urology search requires in this now very tight, very competitive market.

Meet The Talented Members Of Our Team!

Michael Case, President of the Firm

founded CR in 1997 as a solo recruiter. Using her experience as a national award winning marketing person and executive director of economic development programs, she built Case Recruiters into the most highly regarded niche recruitment company in the nation. The company is now known for their phenomenal success placing urologists – the most difficult specialty to recruit – across the country for clients located everywhere from tiny rural locations to saturated metro areas.

She began her recruiting career winning Rookie of the Year in 1992 and Recruiter of the Year in 1993 for MSI, a multinational recruitment company. She learned hospital physician recruiting by revamping a 100 bed hospital’s recruitment program, filling their positions and learning to succeed in the often political and always challenging hospital recruitment programs.

Her spare time is spent with family, traveling internationally, in landscape design, visiting art museums and playing golf. She has a particular fondness for Disney World. Contact her at or by phone at 512-538-4351.

Marty Blevins, VP of the Firm

made her debut with Case Recruiters helping out at the 2010 AUA annual meeting.  After the initial shock of seeing all the open prostatectomy videos at the conference, she enjoyed her interaction with the clients and candidates so much that within six months she quit her job as a project manager and started working full-time for Case.

With her background in project management, theatre and education, Marty brings strong organizational and communication skills to her job. Her enthusiasm and ability to connect with people allow her to build strong relationships with her candidates, clients, and colleagues.

When not working, Marty enjoys going to live performances, cooking, and has just recently started to garden again. While she doesn’t exactly have a green thumb, she does enjoy playing in the dirt! Contact her at or at 512-422-6766.

Laurie Rose, Account Executive

(formerly Laurie Schlesinger) joined Case Recruiters in 2010, believing she was simply making a few calls to help out a friend with a burgeoning business.

With her professional background in teaching and social work, she was a natural at connecting with people, and she quickly turned a few phone calls into a lot of happy urologists signing employment contracts. Also once a writer and editor, Laurie has helped Case Recruiters develop marketing that gets rave reviews and impressive results.

Laurie has lived in Austin since 1999, but grew up in northern New Jersey. Working with urology practices across the nation has opened her eyes to the diverse range of communities our country has to offer; she loves helping match people with the right job in the right location. When she’s not working or wrangling her two children, Laurie can occasionally be found reading, tap dancing, or playing Scrabble but is more often found trying to catch up on sleep. Contact her at or at 512-961-0009.

Kara Savvas, Account Executive

Although she’s the only non-family member of the firm, Kara feels like family. Michael provided references for Kara when she moved to Austin, TX, in the early 90’s, and asked her to join the Case Recruiters team in 2014, to do research and sourcing legwork for the firm. Kara quickly moved into a full recruiting role.

Kara’s outgoing personality, experience in sales, marketing, and the medical field, and some top-notch recruiter training combined to give her the persistence, creativity, and organizational skills to make her a powerful force in physician recruiting. She is continually helping to devise and polish the Case Recruiters placement process, and is proud of her placements in our most challenging searches. This former Iowan has a particular drive for recruiting docs to Midwestern locations, and is at the forefront of market trends like the booming demand for female urology practitioners.

We aren’t sure where she got her axe-throwing abilities (top 10 in her league) or her passion for cave exploration and conservation, but that’s what she does when she’s not talking to urologists! A music lover, she studies the violin with her 10 year old daughter, and has recently taken up the trumpet. No matter what she takes on, she gives it 100% – call her to take on your search. Contact her at or at 512-422-2788.

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