Perhaps it was bittersweet, the day you gave up your seat in the space program to attend medical school. But now that you’re a stellar general urologist, your career won’t separate you from your love for space and stargazing. The stars shine bright in Norfolk, Nebraska, where your starting salary of $535K+ is lightyears ahead of anything you might have earned in the space program.

Launch your practice from a brand-new office to be completed in fall 2019! And you’ll have a partner in your orbit, too.  What an atmosphere! Looking to bring aboard a robot? This administration is open to exploring that. They will further support your mission with a 2-week tour of the regional healthcare system to develop your referrals. You can also look forward to

  • A signing bonus of $50K
  • Opportunities for production and quality bonuses
  • Loan forgiveness of $100K over 5 years
  • Call of 1:3
  • 4-day work week; 2 in clinic and 2 in OR

And this position is open to visa candidates!

Life in Norfolk would make any space traveler yearn to come down to Earth. Its small-town charm and hospitality are unparalleled, not to mention its safety. Here, 2 hours from the bright lights that mask the stars in the Omaha sky, kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood, playing, running errands, and exploring. That means happy kids, and for you, a peace of mind that is rare today in the US.

Take the family picnicking at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park, and go fishing in the Elk River. Play golf at any of the many golf courses in town, then meet friends at the Norfolk Country Club for dinner. Hike or bike the famous Cowboy Trail, a 321-mile hiking, biking, and equestrian trail that passes over 221 bridges and through 29 communities! Hunt wood duck, pheasant, and turkey at any of the wildlife management areas. And after a nice ribeye dinner at Black Cow Fat Pig, enjoy live music and traveling road shows!

There is a galaxy of small towns in our country– but the chance to be a urologist for a sweet community like this comes once in a blue moon. Call Kara Savvas today at 512-422-2788, and send your CV to