About Case Recruiters

Case Recruiters, Inc. is a niche boutique recruitment firm created in 1997 and developed by Michael Case, its founder. Originally developed as a one person, contingency physician recruitment firm that placed all specialties, in 2005 it was completely revamped. It now is a retained recruitment firm that specializes only in the recruitment and placement of board certified and board eligible urologists.

This new structure found immediate success and grew quickly to its present size. It now employs 4 recruiters, 2 researchers, and an admin person, all of whom specialize only in urology recruitment. Working together as a team, the members follow specific processes and protocols that have a proven track record success. Rather than competing with one another, the Case Recruiter team members work together to create the best placements for each of their clients as quickly as possible. The goal is to make the best matches for their clients with candidates who have excellent credentials and who are so well matched they will practice in an area long term and by retained by the employers.

The firm has a reputation for professionalism and creativity as well as tenacity – they have filled many of its clients’ most difficult urology searches. Those have included building a completely new urology department for a hospital system fighting for market share against an established multispecialty group; placing two urologic oncologists with a rural academic client; placing a solo urologist in a position in Fairbanks, AK with no call coverage; placing a chief of urology in a position for an academic client in the Midwest; and a solo general urologist with a small- town client without a robot in Vermont.

The growing shortage of urologists has created such a difficult climate for urology recruitment that its active clients now include not just the small town hospitals like that one in Fairbanks, but  also  hospitals and  practices in large metro areas like San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Most of these clients have strong in- house recruitment programs, including academic clients searching for faculty members, and multi- hospital systems with multiple urology needs. Nevertheless they have chosen to retain Case Recruiters to fulfill their toughest search.


Bringing a urology search to closure in this market requires much more than simply providing a CV or three to a client. It requires an in-depth assessment of both candidates and clients by a professional recruitment advocate who understands the urology market, urologists’ needs, and business world in which urologists practice. It requires a legal understanding of contracts between employers and candidates, requires knowledge of how long a procedure like a robotic prostatectomy can take and what the ramifications of a low dollar wRVUs to that procedure might mean to an urologist trying to earn a productivity bonus. And it requires knowledge of the benefits of one aspect of an urologist’s compensation plan versus another benefit and the ability to explain those benefits to a candidate just entering the job market.

Case Recruiter’s team members have that specialized knowledge of the urology world which makes them so successful in this highly competitive job market. They each work the entire process from first contact with a newly sourced candidate, to the in-depth 45 minute intake of that candidate, to the match between the candidate and employer, to oversight of the interview itinerary, to the 2nd or 3rd interview between the candidate and employer, to a contract, negotiations, and successful execution of the contract.

They can also advise employers, when asked, as to what it will take to sign an urologist in their area and what their competitors are offering. They work hand in hand with its clients, from the development of a position profile to the final step of signing a relocation agreement. This includes development of a marketing plan, creation of marketing materials, creation and placement of advertising as well as a weekly email blast of all employers jobs.

Case Recruiters maintains an up to date database of all practicing clinical urologists in the country, with sub-databases of residents, fellows, and academic urologists, as well as residency program coordinators, who are important in sourcing activities. Its researcher continually updates this information. We also maintain a database of all active urology positions in the country.

When an employer hires Case Recruiters they can be assured they are getting the absolutely best help that exists to find an urologist who will be a great match for their job and who will be someone they can rely on for years to come. Urologists can be assured they are being assisted in their searches by the most knowledgeable and professional – as well as friendly and committed – recruiters in the country today. Only someone with the in-depth knowledge acquired by recruiting a single specialty can provide the committed expertise offered by Case Recruiters.

References from private groups, healthcare systems, and hospitals can be provided upon request. The AUA and ASPR have glowing things to say about us. If you have a tough search and want the best help possible, we can provide it. We hope your will choose to utilize Case Recruiters for your search. Call us today!